Affiliate Revenue Secrets – Affiliate Marketing Millionaire lays it down

Affiliate and Internet Marketing like anything, could seem pretty strange and overwhelming in the beginning. Luckily for you seeing that it is an internet activity there are plenty of resources out there to help you get past the newbie slump. While the concept of Affiliate and Internet Marketing might seem pretty overwhelming in the beginning it certainly isn’t rocket science and with the correct knowledge and guidance you’ll soon be on top of the ball and ready to go.

The main role of an affiliate marketer is to refer and help guide possible prospects within your current niche towards buying the right product for their certain needs or problems. So by providing them with something that will resolve and clear up their problems you will gain plenty of exposure along with affiliate commissions.

Ok so how do you start off?

– Firstly you’ll have to find a well searched, popular and in-demand niche. Something people are looking to buy online. Then it’s up to you to do some research along the lines of the product, look at competition and eventually seek an affiliate program for that certain niche or product. The affiliate program will provide you with an certain amount of commission on each sale referred along with your unique linking code and product information.

– Now you’ll need to create a website or landing page around the niche, product or market. Make sure the site is relevant and the content on it is relevant to the certain niche that you’ll be promoting. This is both aimed at the search engines as well as your future prospects, but more so towards converting the visitors that land on your site or landing page.

– Now it’s time to send traffic to your website or be it your landing page. For people just starting off in affiliate marketing and in particular people who would wish to not spend too much money before seeing a return on investment I would advise to go the free route. Make use of Article marketing and marketing within relevant forums. This will be a quick way of seeing the response of your market along with the conversion and free traffic options.

– Once you see traffic coming in towards your website it is key for you to check your stats – try Google Analytics which is free by the way. Your stats will tell you where your visitors are coming from, this will help you to see how many visitors you are gainingArticle Submission, track where they are coming from and see how long they stay on your site.

Now it’s up to you to simply carry on what you are doing… Follow up and keep tweaking your website and improve traffic and affiliate commission gains.