Affiliate Program Blues

Affiliate Marketing has
most assuredly become one of the most popular ways to attempt to
harness the Internet’s power to generate personal profits for
both web masters and web novices. After doing research into all that
working as an affiliate marketer entails, you decided to take the
plunge and join an affiliate program that felt like a perfect fit.
It has been several months since signing up for your affiliate
marketing program and still, no profits to speak of. It is time to
go through a simple checklist to make sure you are doing everything
you can to ensure your success as an affiliate.

As an affiliate
representing a merchant’s product or service, an excellent
promotional idea is the posting of content in the form of an
endorsement or a review. Having first hand experience with the
product, you will be able to tell of its many advantages and
features, encouraging others to try it for themselves. Have you
posted a detailed review or endorsement of the product you are
representing? Remember, you will actually do your merchant a
disservice by posting a fictitious account if you have not actually
tried their product, and readers could pick up on any endorsement or
review that is not above board. Other forms of content work well on
an affiliate site as well. Discuss issues that relate specifically
to the audience you are targeting. For this reason it is most
helpful to choose a product that speaks to you in some way; speaking
to your target audience would then translate as writing for people
that are indeed like you and share your interests. Have you used
social bookmarking and syndication sites in ways that will help you
get your content and affiliate links out there? Bookmarking each new
piece of content you post to sites such as Digg, Ask, and others,
will help with building a web of links across the Internet. It is
also helpful to run a search to find a list of syndication sites that
are available to authors that would like to have free help in
spreading their original content throughout the Web. These sites,
provided your content is original and well written, will distribute
them to different sites across the Internet, making them available to
a wider audience than you could ever reach alone. Posting your
content and links on social networking sites such as MySpace,
Facebook, and Twitter, in appropriate sections can also do wonders
for coaxing viewers to your site and clicking on your specially
generated affiliate links. As always, before spreading your links
aroundHealth Fitness Articles, make sure they are indeed working properly or all will be for

By working to make sure
your links are reaching the widest audience by utilizing all the
tools available for free on the Web you will be doing all that you
can to ensure your affiliate marketing success.