Affiliate Marketing Tips – 3 Easy Steps on How to Make Money in Couple of Days

Affiliate marketing is a great way to get started building your
passive money making machine online. It’s easy and costs next to
nothing. Most of affiliate programs are free to join so there’s no
pressure to start making sales right away. However there is one BUT.
You need special knowledge to make money right away with affiliate

Here are some methods:

1.    Promote you product on Yahoo Answers.

Answers is a user generated question and answer service. Did you know
that Yahoo Answers gets around a million visitors desperate to know an
answer to their question? These highly motivated people are an Internet
Marketer’s dream.

How to start? Obviously you need to sing
up for Yahoo Answers. Than search for questions in your niche and find
those ones that haven’t been closed yet.

Here is The Golden Rule
for those who don’t want to be spammed by Yahoo team – choose 10 or so
questions that you’d like to answer and only put your link in the
resource box in 1 of them. Don’t; just don’t put your link in all your
answers. Yahoo will determine that you are spamming in seconds and your
account will be blocked. So only choose a few questions to put your
affiliate link into and the rest just write short quick answers to
balance things out.


2.    Write article for

next step is Ezine Articles. Write an article on your affiliate product
niche and don’t forget to put your link to the resource box. Every time
your article is published the resource box will show live link to the
product you are promoting. Use all your imagination and try to write an
article, which encourage readers to follow your link.


3.    Google adwords

need to invest money to promote on Google Adwords but this is on return
of investment. The Google AdWords helps you achieve your marketing
goals in a fast and easy manner. After you will create your ads they
will right away be connected to a large number of users who probably
need of your product. You get quick response to your ads and you get to
advertise with Internet users who are actually interested in your
product. You can also define or choose your target market area,
allowing you to get the best possible results.

These steps mentioned above is just a small sample from a greater map found at the where you will find Step-By-Step system you can use daily to rake in $46Free Articles,000 each month.