Affiliate Marketing: The Basics and The Best Profit Secret

How would you like to make more money from your sales? The easiest way to do that is to use affiliate marketing. Find products related to what you are selling and promote them to your customers. It is quite simple and very effective. The real question is how can you make the most money with affiliate marketing.

Did you ever sell candy bars or something similar as a fund raiser for school? Affiliate marketing is similar. Someone makes a product and sells it. In order to sell more of that product, the creator will set up a program to have other people sell it for them. This saves the creator of the product money in advertising and other costs. As an incentive to sell the product, the creator will offer incentives. I remember in school selling candy bars, the kid who sold the most candy won a very cool remote controlled car. Today, when I make a sale through an affiliate program I get paid a commission, or percentage, of the sale.

There are many reasons why this form of marketing is so popular. As a creator, you empower a sales team to promote your product for you and you only pay them if they make a sale. If your product includes master resale rights, you only increase your “viral marketing” reach. In my opinion, the advantages are even greater for someone who is promoting the products.

I sell eBooks and other digital goods. I use affiliate programs to sell eBooks on eBay as a “loss leader”. There are even times when I sell eBooks at a loss on eBay, just to get the copies circulated. Within the pages of my eBooks or inside the digital download, I promote programs that are related to that eBook with my affiliate links. For example, I sell an eBook about low fat cooking for one dollar on eBay. Inside of this eBook, I promote a low fat diet program with my special link. When one of my buyers make a purchase through my link, I make over thirty dollars. Not bad for a one dollar sale! Whatever you sell, there is an affiliate program out there with a product that your customers will buy.

Now the real question. How do you make the most money with affiliate marketing?

Think about the way that you and your friends make purchase decisions. If the person who cuts your hair is promoting a diet plan that they haven’t used personally, would you buy it from them? Maybe. If the person who cuts your hair is promoting a new shampoo that they use in the shop or at home, would you buy it from them? Chances are much greater than the diet plan!

What am I saying? The best way to make the most money is two fold. Not only do you need to promote a relevant product, but you should also use the product yourself. No one will argue that the most effective forms of marketing are personal.

In my case, I have found this to be completely accurate. I didn’t make much money at all with these types of programs until I started promoting ones that I use myself. As I said, I sell eBooks. I make a good amount of money promoting the products that I use to run my online business. I explain why I made that particular purchase decision over another, what I like about it, and what I don’t like about it. I have found that being really honest about a product makes your sales better. It also ensures that your customers or subscribers can trust you. We all know that trust is a very important part to marketing, especially internet marketing. Advising you to search out products for your own business that include an affiliate program goes without saying.

Affiliate marketing is a proven method to increasing your profits as an internet marketing professional. You can use many different methods to promote these programs depending on your given marketing niche. Just rememberFree Web Content, the best way to make the most money is to promote products you actually use yourself. Make your sales pitches genuine and honest and you will see a large increase in your commission checks.