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Affiliate marketers often neglect one aspect of website promotion to earn more money online.Do you want to know what this powerful method is?What would you say id I told that this is totally free?This method is known as article marketing. I earned thousands of dollars on the Internet writing simple three hundreds words articles, and believe me, you don’t need to be an Internet veteran to do the same.Even a complete beginner can do it. All you need is the proper instructions and a strong mindset.When you have these two, just be ready to apply what you are going to learn, and sooner than later you will be earning a couple of hundreds dollars a month, and soon a couple of thousands like me and the elite of super affiliates.Now here is how to earn big money from affiliate marketing instead of watching others and wondering how you can do it.1. Pick a winning niche market2. Set up a clickbank account3. Get your affiliate link4. Write articles5. Submit themBelieve me, there is nothing else to this method. Don’t try to other complicate it. Keep it simple and you will make more money as a result.One question remain here: Do you need a website for this to work?I will always recommend that you get your own website. You will not find a serious affiliate marketer that say you that you are going to earn a lot without your very own website.Let me tell you a secret. Actually, super affiliate own more than a single website. Did you know this?You will eventually reach this level, but for now, you want to start with only one website and one niche while you are learning the process.Once you start to earn three hundreds dollars per month, just enter another niche and repeat what you did in the first place.

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