Affiliate Marketing: How Much Do You Want to Make


An online business doesn’t get much easier than affiliate marketing; it is one of the best ways to make money on the internet. Basically affiliate marketing is a business where a merchant (someone who sells a product) pays the affiliate a set commission when the affiliate refers a visitor to the merchant’s website and the visitor makes a purchase.

The affiliate sometimes referred to as an associate advertises the merchant’s product or products and or services and when someone makes a purchase the affiliate gets paid in various different ways depending on what the merchant chooses. Of course the affiliate doesn’t get paid if the visitor does not make a purchase.

However some merchants will pay an affiliate even if the affiliate refers someone who does not make a purchase. All the visitor has to do is become a lead for the merchant for the affiliate to get paid. A lead basically means that the visitor gave his or her contact information to the merchant so the merchant can contact them later, usually by email.

Affiliates have a huge earning potential; anywhere from less than a dollar to several thousands of dollars just for referring one product. Of course there are many instances where the affiliate can earn commissions on multiple or unlimited products if the merchant sells more than one.

Without a doubt the best part about affiliate marketing is that affiliates do not need to produce or sell their own products which means they do not need to handle any customer service issues which means they can spend more time on finding quality products and promoting those products.

The biggest challenge for most affiliate marketers is getting traffic or visitors to their websites so that those visitors can click on their affiliate link and go to the merchant website and possibly purchase one or more products.

There are numerous free ways for affiliates to attract visitors to their websites but the two best are optimizing their websites for the search engines and using article marketing with quality article directories like this one to get visitors to their websites.

To optimize your website for the search engines there are a few simple steps you need to take. First you need to get as many other websites to link to your website as possible with the keyword you want to rank for set as the anchor text (words used in link that points to your website).

Second, you need to sprinkle your keyword a few times throughout the webpage that you want to rank in the search engines.

Third, the keyword that you want to rank for should be the title of the page that you want to rank. Put your keyword between the title tags on your page. The title tags look like this: and .

Article marketing is the process of writing articles and submitting them to article directories all over the web. The great thing about these article directories is that all of them are free to submit your articles.

Affiliate marketing is simply a game of finding a good product to promote and attracting visitors to your site. Attracting visitors is usually what trips people up most often. If you stay with it and don’t give up your success will come.

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