Affiliate Marketing Blunders: Why Newbies Should Avoid These Pitfalls


Many marketers want to make you believe that affiliate marketing is the easiest way to earn a full time income from the Internet but it’s not true. When you look at it, affiliate marketing is not as easy as everyone say.Let me ask you a question. Why are thousands of struggling affiliates are complaining on forums every single day? Because the big boys are hiding the good stuff from you.Are you ready for what you are going to discover? The revelation I am going to make in this article will blow your mind if you are new to all this.Let’s get started…If you are brand new to Internet marketing, I guess you bought an ebook or two or registered to digitalpoint or forum. I also guess that you are still trying to earn more than $300 a month.Why are you stuck?It’s because most of the thing you are doing are outdated. It’s the sad reality. Furthermore, some of the techniques you are using right now may be effective, but without a plan, a roadmap, the best technique in the world will not produce results.Let’s take the example of someone who is just getting started with $50 as his advertising budget. It’s not a lot, buy he will be able to get going. Note that I started with less than $50.How in the world someone who earn millions of dollars every single year knows what you are going through right now? Even worst, most of the gurus started in 1996 when there was no competitors (even no Google domination) and all the niches were untapped?All they had to do was to figure out how to create a webpage and after a few days, thousands of people would visit it and sign up?Do you understand the reason why you are not earning $1000 a month? It’s not your fault. It’s not the gurus’ fault either (they have no clue and huge lists, so it’s easy for them).To succeed, you need to learn the exact right strategies that are working right now and I will give you a powerful tip.Build your list of loyal subscribers and figure out a way to ultimately get them into your paid membership site. And by the way, be sure to deliver tremendous value in your niche.
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