Affiliate Marketing Advertising Methods – How You Promote Your Affiliate Marketing Programs

With hundreds of affiliate marketing advertising methods out there it can be hard to choose a single form of promotion to focus on.

For the newbie this creates a sense of overwhelm and is part of the reason for the high failure rate in our industry.

So in this article we will look at a number of the best affiliate marketing advertising methods that are proven to work as well as reveal one of the best affiliate programs to be involved in as a newbie for the fastest success:

Solo Ads – Getting traffic to an affiliate offer has never been easier. You can simply go to someone who has a large email list and buy a solo ad from them. You will then get a guaranteed number of clicks sent to your squeeze page where you can build an email list before diverting people to an affiliate offer. Simply head over to the classified ads section of the Warrior Forum and you will find more than enough people willing to sell you a solo ad.

Blogging – This is a slow and long term affiliate marketing advertising method and most newbies will quit before they see results with this. But it is worth doing. If you commit to writing daily keyword targeted content and publishing this to your blog then after a while you will be receiving a large amount of daily visitors to your website. It is not difficult, but requires consistency and patience.

Classified Ads – You can go to the numerous free classified ads sites out there and place an advertisement for one of your affiliate programs. It is best to link directly to a squeeze page and then after the visitor has entered in their email address you direct them to the affiliate offer. Craigslist, Backpage, and USA Free Ads are the most obvious place to start with but there are literally hundreds of them out there.

Article Marketing – This is similar to blogging, but has less of a social media aspect to it. The idea is to take your blog posts and to resubmit them to lots of article directories. This will generate additional traffic from both Google and the internal searches of each individual article directory. Then take things a step further and syndicate your content to document sharing sites for additional traffic and leads.

The key with each of the above affiliate marketing advertising methods is not to direct traffic straight to your affiliate offerBusiness Management Articles, but to send people to your squeeze page to capture the lead first so that you can follow-up with email promotions.