Affiliate Marketing: 7 Characteristics Of Effective Affiliate Marketing Plans

Many affiliate marketers are unable to implement affiliate marketing plans because the creators of these plans assume that you know how to take the appropriate actions. Effective affiliate marketing plans have a number of characteristics that ensure that the reader is able to understand and implement the tactics and strategies recommended by the creator of the plans.

The following seven characteristics are what I have found to be the qualities of an effective affiliate marketing plan – effective in the sense that it is easy for you to put it into practice.

1. An overview

It’s important that you know where you are headed with the affiliate marketing plan. This information is needed so that you can make the right decisions along the way. You have to understand what the marketing approach is hoping to achieve. The overview can be provided by a series of mind maps or flowcharts or through clear introductory comments and diagrams.

2. A clear step-by-step approach

This is essential if you are not going to get lost and frustrated. Marketing plans typically have steps as building blocks and if you can’t understand one of the key steps you can’t progress. Without the building blocks you are unable to set up a complete marketing system.

3. Answers to your basic questions

Many creators of affiliate marketing plans forget what it was like when they first started out and are oblivious of the numerous questions you are likely to have. An effective marketing plan identifies your likely questions and offers sound, detailed advice. This can be communicated via a webinar recording, podcast, video or the transcript of ongoing coaching sessions with a newbie. In this way, the basic questions are identified at the stage they are likely to occur and the answers will thus make more sense.

4. Examples of how the affiliate marketing plan has been used

It’s one thing to read about marketing plans, it’s another to see concrete examples of how each stage of a marketing plan has been applied to a specific product or program. This enables you to make a connection with your own product or program and to see how you could apply the same principles. For example if you are marketing ClickBank affiliate products, an effective marketing plan would illustrate how products from this affiliate network have been successfully marketed.

5. Encouragement and support

It really helps if the creator of the marketing plans shows that they are aware of your stage of development, shares their own learning experiences and mistakes and offers constant encouragement and support.

6. An action plan to guide you

This helps you to keep tabs on what actions you have taken and where you are up to in the overall process. If you plan on conducting a number of campaignsFree Reprint Articles, an action plan is essential – otherwise you will lose track of what you have done and where you want to go.

7. A checklist

This enables you to make sure you have covered all the steps and not left out a critical stage. The marketing plan checklist builds your confidence as well.

Some affiliate marketing plans leave you high and dry or throw you in the deep end to “sink or swim”. This is why so many people give up and leave their marketing plan e-books to gather dust. The creators of the better marketing plans are conscious of where you are at in your learning curve and offer concrete and supportive guidance.