Advantages of the EB5 Visa Program


The EB5 regional center pilot project is due to end in the year 2012. Assessment and evaluation of this Immigrant Investor Visa over the past few years has demonstrated the following benefits and advantages of the program. Note that the requirements for the Eb5 Visa Program are quite fluid, and whether or not an application fulfills every requirement is usually decided by the USCIS.
Individuals who are admitted to the country through this Green Card Visa
• program are able to enjoy most of the benefits enjoyed by native-born American citizens. However, one noteworthy difference is that they aren’t given the right to suffrage, or the right to run for a public office.
• People often consider immigrating to the United States of American because it can be safe-haven for families living countries who are in civic distraught and/or political unrest.
• Any member of the family that is a green card holder can enter and leave the U.S. at anytime (although they are subject to specific conditions in regards to the duration of time that they can leave America).
• Businessmen and investors participating in the EB5 program enjoy easy and regular access to the United States for business, providing safety and the ability to monitor their investments.
• Other kinds of US visas, such as the H1B and E2, do not lead to permanent residency and often have limitations and filings with the Department of State and USCIS. Some other visas may even require you to show up in the US consulate of your home country at specific intervals. With the EB5 program, gaining permanent residency doesn’t require reapplication or renewal.
• The United States of America is widely know for its rich educational institutes and colleges. As an investor resident, you get to enjoy lower matriculation fees, especially in your state of residence.
• EB5 investors are allowed to live, work, and cultivate their business virtually anywhere in the country.
• An EB5 holder may apply for official US citizenship within two years of relocating to the United States as a legal resident (subject to satisfying certain conditions).
• The U.S. federal government is able to provide social, educational and financial entitlements to EB5 green card visa holders, including access to public educational institutions, medical coverage, and also social security benefits.

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Stanley Hermosillo is the author of this article for Eb5 Center. He recommends the Eb5 Center for all Green Card visa, immigrant investor visa, and eb5 visa program related issues and affairs.

Stanley Hermosillo is the author of this article for Eb5 Center. He recommends the Eb5 Center for all green card visa, Immigrant Investor Visa, and EB5 Visa Program related issues and affairs.