A Review Wall Street Journal Online

For my money there is no more convenient way to getting the news than the Wall Street Journal online. I am a big fan of the Wall Street Journal because it is an outstanding publication. So much more than just a paper about stocks, companies, and economics, the Wall Street Journal has some of the best Op Ed pieces Ive ever read. It may be just about the least biased and most objective news publications that I have ever read. So many of the newspapers out there now seem to have their own political and social agendas.

It’s really gotten to the point where it’s become ridiculous. Ive long since noticed a faint liberal bias in most newspapers, but under our current republican government it has become blatantly obvious, and I myself am what most people would consider a liberal. On not president Bush is most ardent supporter, but he is our president and I appreciate fairness and the test those individuals would impose their ideologies on me.

The information most papers chooses to present, the way it presents it, and the information most papers choose to not present are all indicative of a motive behind the print, and that bothers me. It doesn’t really matter if the right or wrong, or what their objective may be, that kind of news just screams one thing to me – propaganda. Of the several publications that I regularly read, the Wall Street Journal online appears to be the most fair and balanced. The Wall Street Journal online is a great way to get a relatively unfiltered version of the news at a discount price and in a convenient manner.

The Wall Street Journal online is relatively inexpensive and can be had for less than five dollars a month if you catch the right special. It is virtually the same as the printed version only course, delivered in an electronic fashion over your computer. If youre like me, you do most of your news reading on your computer anyway, so the Wall Street Journal online is probably the way to go. Of course many still prefer to have a traditional newspaper actually in their hands.

That’s understandable, because it is so traditional. Maybe its a tad excessive, but I actually subscribe to both the Wall Street Journal online, and the printed version. I don’t know, maybe that’s a little weird. If you order them together, you’ll get a hefty discount over the regular subscription prices. While its certainly amongst the more expensive newspapers, the Wall Street Journal online and in print is just good newsFind Article, and quality journalism that allows me to draw my own conclusions without trying to sway me makes it all well worth it.

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