A home based business idea

running a business from home

Starting a home-based business is something that I have wanted to do for many years.

I wanted to be able to spend just a few hours a week to go online and do a few tasks then take the rest of the week off!

Of course, that’s not how it turned out.

I bought many products which taught me how to make money from home, yet each one always needed something extra to make them actually work.

What It was in some cases was more technical training, or more financial trading knowledge, or more money than I had budgeted for to get anywhere with the product, more assistance from the support team of the product which was meant to be easy and newbie-friendly.

It was frustrating getting somewhere only to have to start all over again due to a website issue, a change to Google policy, a fall out between the creators of a product or service provides suddenly disappearing or things taking so long to get going that I had to stop investing my money and pay bills!

starting again

That’s why so many people try to start a home-based business but only a few manage to make enough money to quit full-time employment, it’s just too hard and competitive for a newbie.

So the way forward to start slowly and investigate what business you want to do from home if it is viable in the first place.

Things to consider when planning your business:

Your finance and access to credit

make sure you have access to credit

you will usually need more money than planned for due to unforeseen but necessary expenditure, so make sure you have credit in place.

Who are the main leaders in the field, you are going into.

The leaders in the field have the largest customer base so it’s good to find out how they acquired them and how much it cost, how much a customer is worth on a monthly basis against monthly fix cost for your business.

The relationship building and maintenance

What ways are used to maintain a relationship with the customer, things like social media, email, direct mailing, weekly or monthly group meetings on calls.

Your time available to carry out required tasks for the business.

your expertise in the field, the more you know, the easier it is for you to get a task done and quicker it is to start seeing a return on investment.

And the law.

it’s up to you to make sure you comply with all relevant laws in your county, take the time to read up on the relevant laws.

Here are some ideas



dog or cat training, grooming, product and service for other animals.

Online training course in various fields like:

gardening, home security, basic plumbing, basic budgeting tips, family relationships, dealing with children, elderly people.

until next time.