8 Common Direct Marketing Question Answered Part II

Are postcards good in direct marketing campaign?

Postcard marketing
is the best strategy to choose. If you are going to start your own new
marketing campaign or you are doing marketing first time, then choosing
postcard marketing is the best choice. You can use other marketing strategy as
follow ups. This is one of the best costs cutting marketing strategy. It
eliminates the involvement of third party.

They are wonderful
in generating inquiries. You can provide your contact and products information on
postcards. They are displayed, personalized and short message inside. Anyone
can read this information. This is a great way to generate sales leads.

Is there any manual
of postcard marketing available?

Yes of course, you
can get all information from the Domestic Mail Manual. It is published and
issued by the United States Postal Service. Anyone that wants to try direct
marketing should have its copy. It has the details of official standards, special
services, mail classes, mail preparation, rate eligibility and everything what
you want to know. If you want to mail outside the United States, you need to
get the International Mail Manual. You can even download manuals from usps

Is radio is good
direct marketing tool?

Yes, a radio can be
great marketing strategy, if you want to increase your website traffic; it is
the best tool for this. But it is better, if you use it as follow ups.

How long email
marketing should be?

E-mail marketing message
should be long enough, so that readers can understand what they want to know.
Sometimes, e-mail marketing message can be short or sometimes it can be long. It
actually depends on the marketing campaign.

These are some common
questions that can arise in any marketer’s mind. Thus, any marketer or business
owner who wants to start direct mail campaign should study thoroughly. He/she
should know the basics of direct marketing first. United States Postal Office
has created new marketing strategy that is called EDDM – every door to direct
mail. This marketing strategy is very low in cost. Every Door Direct Mail is an
affordable marketing plan. If you have bulk orders, you can get discount rates
by USPS.

Thus, choosing Every Door Direct Mail is always helpful for any
business because it is cheapBusiness Management Articles, affordable and easy to start. You don’t need to
spend too much money at the starting of direct marketing campaign.