5 Types of Party Activities

Most craft activities are seen at children’s parties as a way of keeping the kid’s involved while still giving them something to take home and remember from the party. You can set up a little craft activity with glitter, glue, markers and construction paper.

Games are usually present at any kind of party, from adult to child. You’ve got your board games, outdoor games, and silly made up games all designed to get guests involved and laughing, some examples of each are clue, football and pin the tail on the donkey.

Music and dancing can also serve as a game. We’ve all heard of musical chairs or the cake walks at a church bake off. But it can also be a way of getting out that extra energy coming from the excitement of just being at the party. Gift giving is mostly seen at birthday parties or Christmas and Retirement type parties. Of course we all love getting and receiving gifts and setting up this activityPsychology Articles, even at a party that doesn’t usually involve it will create a sense of anticipation in your guests. Last but certainly not least there’s eating. It seems that eating something is an essential part of the party going experience. It keeps up blood sugar levels and gives guests something to do during party moment lulls. Always make sure to at least set out a plate of cookies or bowl of chips at any events.