5 Sticky Tips For Your Home Based Business Website

A sticky home based website will be made up of helpful customer information, a wide range of interesting articles and be simple to use and navigate. It’s one that makes website visitors want to stick around for as long as possible and return as often as possible.

Having a home based internet business is more than just putting a website online and sitting back waiting for the cash to start rolling in. The online world is a competitive environment and for your online home based business to succeed you’re going to need to engage the attention of your visitors. A sticky website draws visitors further and deeper into the website and grabs their attention from the home page to the checkout page. To boost the stickiness of your home based business website, simply follow these 5 tips!

1. Check Your Home Page.

You have about 10 to 15 seconds to keep a visitor’s attention when they land on your home based business website. It’s vital that you let your visitors know what your website is about as soon as possible. You need a compelling headline to clearly show the benefits of your product or service and what action you would like them to do next. For example, should they submit their email for more information, ring now for the latest prices, click here to book now etc?

2. Have Simple Navigation.

Complicated navigation can be confusing for your website visitors so make it simple for your visitors to get around. Clearly tag links and write your content so that it is easy to read. It’s best to offer a minimal number of options on navigation bars (no more than 10 options) and keep the navigation bars in the same position throughout the website.

3. Use Well Written Content.

The text on your website needs to carefully written so that it keeps your website visitors interested and persuades them to take the action that you want. Make sure that the text is written for your visitors and not just about you. Your content needs to tell people how your product or service will fix their problems or make them feel good.

4. Use Testimonials.

Testimonials reduce any concerns or worries that new visitors may have about buying from you. Testimonials from people who have purchased from your home based internet business will help to persuade your new visitors that you provide value.

5. Provide Something Of Value For Free.

All the top internet home based businesses offer visitors free downloads, reports, videos, couponsPsychology Articles, etc that are beneficial to their target audience. These help to build trust and interest in your website that will keep your website visitors returning back to your website to see what new things you are providing for free of charge.