5 More Rules for Home Based Business Success

The sixth rule for home based business success:  Be your own man (or woman).  Everybody and their brother will be giving you advice for home based business success.  Some will even be your naysayers telling you not to leave that guaranteed income to run your own business.  Remember, this is your dream.  Follow it.

The seventh rule for home based business success:  it really is in the details.  Check, double check, and triple check the details.  Read the fine print.  Check your punctuation.  It can make the difference in making money and getting clients.

The eighth rule for home based business success:  don’t be an attention hound – the other dogs will eventually bite you.  If someone has helped you out, acknowledge it.  Make sure they know you appreciate their help.  Rarely do people become successful on their own, and those people will be some of your greatest advertisements.

The ninth rule for home based business success:  slow it down.  Sometimes you can get so excited about achieving your home based business success.  Yet that excitement, along with any crisis situation, can get us to make rash decisions.  There are few situations that require anyone to react blindly.  Take a deep breath and look over the whole situation.  Most situations require only a slight touch to make them better.

The tenth rule for home based business success:  You can get away with much more than you think (also known as “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” rule).  Ask. Ask.  Ask.  You just don’t know if an opportunity awaits you somewhere if you don’t ask about it.  Many people are so afraid to ask for something that they lose out on so many great opportunities.  If you do not speak up, then you cannot grow.

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