5 Important Tips to Drive Long Term Traffic through Article Marketing

Article Marketing is an excellent method to drive long term traffic to your website consistently. The reason why article marketing is so successful is because people go to internet to search for information. You provide the information in the form of article to fulfill their needs. There are five important tips in writing your articles:

1. You need to have a compelling title and include your keywords in it. Your title is the very first thing to catch the attention of your readers. If your title is boring and drab, you probably cannot attract any readers’ interest to read on your articles. Titles started with “How to …” or to use a numbered list, for example, “Top 3 Methods …” are the proven and effective titles head.

2. Your article itself must be able to provide valuable, educational content that benefit your readers. Your readers will appreciate the information you have provided and that increase the chances of them clicking your website to find out more. Otherwise, your readers will be fed up spending a few minutes reading nonsense.

3. Your articles should not be too short or too long. Keep your articles between 400-700 words in length. You are not able to provide sufficient information if your article is too short. Vice versa, your readers may not like to read an article that stretches too long and they will lose their concentration easily.

4. Your resource box job is to entice your readers to visit your website. Make full use of your resource box by giving a brief introduction of your expertise and tell your readers how you can help them to achieve their objective. Do remember that the readers are searching relevant information from your articles and they are your targeted potential customers.

5. Writing article once awhile will not drive you traffic consistently. You need to write your articles consistently and spacing out your submissions to different high traffic article directories to enjoy a consistent flow of traffic over a longer period of time. You may want to outsource your article writing and submission if you find it too time consuming to do it regularly.

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