5 Ideas for Your Linkbait


People are after interesting and highly useful information on the internet. The good news for marketers on the web is that they can put this fact to work for them in a commercial sense by strategically using linkbait. Linkbait is any sort of content that makes other websites want to link to the site the linkbait content is posted on. The following are some linkbait ideas that have been shown to work very well:Humorous ContentGenuinely funny things get a lot of attention on the internet. This could be a funny video of any sort that is somehow related to the content on a website, a cartoon (animated or otherwise), a funny blog post, and so on. It’ a good idea to try to make this funny content current or relevant in some way to present day issues. A pastiche of a current news story or rumor is a typical example of this. NewsNews packs a lot of punch as linkbait. Juicy news stories that deal with a website’s area of expertise or subject matter can boost the traffic and back links to a website within a very short period. The trick is to find stories that are content rich and popular, though if necessary you can place less high profile news items on a website since almost any news will make a site seem more current and link worthy. News that is scandalous, remarkable, or that involves celebrities are always a good bet, and there generally are plenty of these types of stories available. Interviews Interviews are an excellent type of link bait. People love to read and watch interviews with interesting interviewees. Some ideas for who to interview include specialist business professionals in various sectors, customers that have had experience with a certain product, scientists and teachers, artists, engineers, entrepreneurs, people undertaken large and ambitious projects, and writers. You can also just conduct short interviews with ordinary people on the street about a hot controversial topic and compile the data along with snippets from the interviews themselves.GiveawaysAlmost anyone will at least consider taking advantage of some offer that has a free gift attached to it. This type of linkbait thus gets a lot of views. Offer free products along with other purchases or even for filling out a form. You can also run a contest and see what kind of response you get. Expose CorruptionThere is some controversy as to whether “attacks” are a good sort of linkbait content and whether they are morally correct, an SEO company would not really advise these, but of course some do. But if the attack is justified, it is not only a good sort of content but may be a public service. If you find or hear about some kind of corruption, whether on the part of some online business or in terms of local or national politics, you can warn people about it. The important thing here is to be sure that you are correct and to not exaggerate the claims just to get attention. If it turns out that you were wrong, your content could be viewed as a smear campaign and that could lose you links rather than gain them (not to mention a court appearance!). Simply present the facts to the best of your knowledge and invite discussion. This will get traffic and links from people who may or may not agree with the allegations, but who are interested to read and comment anyway.

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