5 Grass Roots Content Development Strategies


Content development is the starting point of any online marketing strategy that circulates useful information around on the internet. Without first locating and developing the relevant material needed, the marketing effectiveness of this strategy would be greatly diminished. Although there are alternate means to promote your business online none match the deep rooted and comprehensive effects using content offers.Here is a simple 5 step plan for effectively developing any material you will need to implement this online marketing strategy.Determine Niche and/or Topic RangeThe first step you need to take involves determining the field and/or market you will be focusing on. It is important that whatever you choose to write about displays relevancy to your field of interest. In this way you will be better able to attract a more targeted group of readers/followers thereby increasing the marketing effectiveness of your efforts.Develop Keyword ListNow is the best time to conduct your keyword research so that you have a list of relevant keywords from which to choose for optimizing your content. Dig deep when doing research and try to accumulate a healthy list of long tail words or phrases as well to attract more targeted readers.Use Real Time SearchThere are many online ‘tools’ you can use to discover the most popular or trending topics at any time. Google Trends, Yahoo Buzz and even Twitter are great sources for the latest news/trends/buzz found online. It is always recommended when you can to focus upon the hottest or most current topics since they will attract a larger crowd of viewers.Conduct Keyword Research for IdeasGo back to the keyword research tool you used to put together your keyword list and search selected words or phrases. By digging deeper into these individual searches you will ‘stumble’ across many ideas you may not have thought of previously for topics to base your content on.Optimize As you pull together any useful information you are going to circulate online you will want to optimize it correctly so it is easily found in search results. Take your primary keyword and place it at in the first and last paragraph along with using it in the title. Sprinkle secondary words and phrases throughout your composition but be careful not to overuse them. Shoot for a keyword density of between 2 and 4 percent to play it safe and make your optimization efforts effective.Having a solid content development strategy is a necessity if you intend to circulate useful information around online to promote your business. The key to the marketing effectiveness of using content this way is to be sure it is relevant, accurate and plentiful. The more you circulate the greater your exposure therefore a plan to maintain this strategy at a good pace needs to be established. The 5 steps reviewed above are the key components involved in developing any content you may use for promoting online. These steps are offered as a means in which to help better coordinate and reduce the efforts you invest in order to get the maximum results.

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