4 Reasons your Business Needs Call Tracking Software

Call tracking software is more than just determining who
just made that missed call.聽 The right
software will not only provide information to help you make the most of every
sales lead but provide a comprehensive training and marketing tool which when
used correctly will fine tune your business, enabling it to reach its

Call tracking software can be slightly misleading in the
sense that the title gives the impression of simply recording a phone number or
missed call.聽 The reality however, is
somewhat different.

Businesses need to know who is calling them and why.聽 Businesses need to be able to talk to
customers and clients to make sales.


Is your staff able to answer every call?

Do you feel you are losing business due to
nobody being available to answer all the calls your company receives?

Would a software solution which could inform you
within minutes that a call had been missed be of use to you?

Would it benefit your company if you had
statistical data on which departments and staff members were answering calls
and which were not?

Would it benefit your company if you could
identify which of your staff or departments were natural sales people and which
were not so good?

Would it benefit your company if you could
record the conversation between customer and staff member for analysis and
training purposes?

If yes, then consider the following reasons your company
needs call tracking software.聽 With this
in place you can:

Identify the source of calls by keyword.聽 The better call tracking software can follow
it from first click on a search engine result page or website source, and track
the call to see if it led to a sale.聽
With this information you can slash marketing budgets by avoiding spend
on underperforming keyword and reallocate money to where it is working.

Monitor staff performance through recording
calls and analysing sales techniques.聽
This leads on to identifying training and or underperformance
issues.聽 With call tracking software in
place you can ensure staff are performing to the required standards and be at
the top of their game.

Recording missed calls or opportunities.聽 This enables staff to call back the potential
customer or client within minutes of receiving the call.聽 This gives great potential to maximising
sales leads and not losing them to a competitor.聽 A customer could well have a credit card in
their hand when they call you for a product or a service, so every missed call
potentially costs you dearly.

Analysing which staff and department perform and
which does not.聽 With this ability your
business can identify to the person who performs and who requires
training.聽 When combined with other
features of call tracking such as call recording a wealth of information about
your business performance is at your fingertips.

Choosing Call Tracking Software

The call tracking software industry is evolving and
companies can now offer services such as call tracking to some degree, which
provides some or all or the above points.聽
Currently, in the UK only one company can offer the full range of call
tracking servicesFeature Articles, and this should be the company which should be at the top of
your outsourcing list.