3 Tips for Managing Information Overload


For anyone marketing on the internet one of the biggest distractions they may face is information overload. The best way to describe this is that it is like having 100 people leaning over your shoulder telling you want to do and how to do it. Although much of this information is ‘designed’ to help the problem is there is too much information which leaves you feeling overwhelmed. Now this can easily become a problem or an asset depending upon which way you choose to handle it. Since marketing on the internet takes plenty of focus trying to review, understand and use all this new information could cause business failure. There is however a better way!Here are 3 tips you can use to better manage information as it is presented to you without losing your focus on your business.Schedule Time to ReviewSpontaneously reviewing any new information that comes across your desk is a great way to open you and your business up to continual distractions. The best way to manage information so as not to disrupt your productivity is to schedule a ‘specific’ time for its review. Whether daily, weekly or monthly you must stick to this schedule like any other work related task you plan to complete at a designated time.Use What You NeedWhen reviewing any information you may have accumulated identify only useful information that may serve an immediate purpose. Avoid the temptation of altering your current business approach just to make better use of information you may have just received. Use only what is applicable to your business at that point in time!File the RestUnless judged totally useless categorize and file any information you judge as having useful potential at a later date in time. When marketing on the internet you need to plan on and expect your business to continually evolve. With that said you will have accumulated a file of ‘reference’ material that may serve to be very useful in the growth and evolution of your business. Any other information that appears to serve little purpose should be discarded.Information overload is something everybody working online is subjected to and if you allow it to become a distraction it can hurt your business. The problem is that too much information is being delivered to you too quickly leaving you feeling overwhelmed and confused. The solution is to selectively ‘ignore’ this information and ‘select’ a time when it is best for you to review it. The 3 tips we discussed above show you how to better manage information by ‘scheduling’ time to review and file any useful information and discard the rest. By doing so you now have a reference file to which you can turn when you find a need for the information found within.
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