3 Effective Affiliate Marketing Website Designs For Online Entrepreneurs

The truth about making money online with affiliate internet marketing is that it is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme. It is a genuine business model that involves work and effort just as any other business does. The content pages of your affiliate marketing websites are used to convert visitors into customers by providing valuable information. There are 3 main types of affiliate marketing websites, each of which have their own merits and level of work and skill required.

1. Niche Based Websites.

One of the most popular affiliate marketing websites is a niche-based website. This is where you select a number of products, normally between 10-20, all based around a specific niche industry or market. You then write and upload content to your affiliate site and at the bottom of every article, you feature a direct link to a related product or service. Niche based websites are very easy to set up, but it is important to stay within your chosen industry. If your affiliate internet marketing business is based around golf your website could feature different clubs, accessories, clothing, tuition or even golf holidays. But if you start to stray into other sports or pastimes, your website will lose visitors and sales because people would not consider it an authority website on golf.

2. Specific Product Blogs.

One of the easiest affiliate marketing websites to create is with a WordPress blog. With WordPress, you can download a free copy of their powerful blogging software, install it onto your own hosting account and have a fully functional, dynamic website created very quickly. Then, you can easily optimize your blog for the search engines using WordPress’s built in optimization tools, or download interactive plugins that will help to thoroughly optimize (and monetize) your blog for top search engine ranking.

3. Review Websites.

Another way to create powerful, high performance affiliate marketing websites is to review products and services. Review based affiliate websites work well as people looking for last minute information or reassurance regarding a product are always on the lookout for feedback and testimonials from customers who have purchased and used the product. People will only be motivated to purchase a product after reading your reviewPsychology Articles, if they believe it is honest and thorough. This means you need to include both pros and cons about each product. Make sure to optimize your review pages to include the product title and other relevant keywords that will help visitors find your page within the search engines.